brier December 8, 2011 No Comments

For new entrepreneurs, there are many steps that must be completed before your business is up and running. For example, you’ll most likely need to purchase Florida commercial insurance and you also need to obtain a business license. Why is this essential?

A business license is a document that confirms that you have been legally authorized to run a business. It can be issued by the city, county, state, or even federal government. The type of industry you are involved in as well as how large your business is may affect which type of license you are required to get.

The requirements for a business license vary from location to location. Common requirements are proof of identification for you, a business name, and a mailing address. You may be able to find out what you need by visiting the local courthouse. Be warned – there may fines involved if the authorities find out you were working without a license.

Commercial insurance protects your business from a variety of financial burdens and risks. Obtaining a Florida commercial insurance policy could be as easy as contacting one of our experienced agents. They can help guide you along the path of finding the perfect coverage that meets all your insurance needs.