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For responsible drivers telematic devices are a great way to lower your rates. There are some insurance companies that will give you a discount on your insurance rates for practicing safe driving habits.  If you have not heard of these devices or are unsure of what they can do and how they can benefit you continue reading to learn about all the money you can start saving!

A telematics device is a system that you install into your car that will keep track of your driving habits and hopefully help you earn a safe driving discount. Generally they track the amount of miles you drive, the speed you travel at, how you break and if you change lanes safely.  They also analyze the time of day you drive.  When you agree to do this you are allowing your insurance company to track your driving.  The device will start recording as soon as it is installed and sends the information through a wireless to your insurance provider. If they see that you are a safe driver you are eligible for savings on your insurance rates.

Telematic devices allow your insurance company to reward you for being a safe driver.  By installing this device you are helping yourself save money and also learn about your driving.  When you do something that the device considers unsafe it will beep.  By keeping track of when that happens you will learn how to stop that behavior and become a safer driver.  Most insurance companies that offer this also allow you to review the data so you can learn a lot about your driving style and where you excel and where needs some improvement.

The benefits from saver driving go further than just saving on insurance.  First and foremost you are keeping yourself, those with you and others on the roads safe.  Most people do not know though that by driving in a safer and more efficient manner you get much better fuel economy which leads to less stops at the pump.  Your break pads will last longer and you overall extend the life and value of your vehicle.

To learn more about this or to see how it can help you start saving money and becoming a safer driver fill out the contact form with the best time and place to reach you or call one of agents at 813.876.4166 today!

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