brier April 11, 2012 No Comments

While many people enjoy boating and days on the water, they may find the cleaning and maintenance of their craft a chore. Have you decided to take advantage of your location and skills to set up a boat cleaning service? Potentially working with chemicals and heavy boats means your Tampa insurance business protection should be in place, but there are many other things to consider at startup stage.

Certification as a boat mechanic would probably be an advantage. Boats come in various sizes, shapes and material, so you also need to know how to clean and maintain wooden, aluminum and fiberglass boats. You’ll need a full range of waxes, paints and detergents and know which ones to use on the different surfaces. To be truly competitive, you may also need your own dock and storage space. 

How will you market your new enterprise? Apart from advertising online, at boat retailers and yacht clubs, you may be able to leave flyers and business cards promoting your services at water front businesses, especially cafes or coffee houses which boat owners may patronize. 

When you’re ready to start up your Tampa enterprise, talk to an agent. You’ll want to ensure that you purchase Tampa insurance that provides coverage for your boat mechanic tools at your workplace and in transit, in case you have to work on boats in other harbors and marinas, and liability coverage.