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“Sunsets on the west coast of Florida are spectacular, the perfect antidote for a stress filled day.

I Got Dropped | Sunset
In 2010 Brier Grieves pulled into his driveway after a long day of work looking forward to watching the sun sink peacefully into Tampa Bay.

He casually retrieved the mail and headed towards the backyard to enjoy the sunset.

Suddenly, he stopped when he noticed an envelope marked ‘urgent.’ It was from his Florida homeowners insurance company…


“We regret to inform you that we will be canceling your homeowners insurance policy…” the letter read.

Brier was no longer interested in the sunset as his mind quickly filled with thoughts,

“I’ve been their customer for over 15 years.  I’ve never had a claim. Heck, I sell their coverage to others. They can’t do this…can they?”

As Brier looked toward the sinking sun a dark reality hit him, “I got dropped.”

Brier had no way of realizing then how one ruined sunset would result in a life altering approach to his business. He had experienced the emotion, confusion, and stress people feel when they receive a cancellation notice from their trusted homeowner insurance carrier.

Brier knew how insurance worked. He and his twin brother, Brett, had followed their Dad into the business. In fact the insurance agency Brier owned was highly successful and the winner of numerous awards for top customer service.

However, it was that fateful evening that Brier truly understood the meaning of I got dropped.

Over the next week Brier realized he wasn’t alone as 372 of his loyal, longtime customers were informed that they too had been dropped by their Florida home owners insurance carrier.

They all needed quality homeowners insurance coverage immediately and Brier went about the work of getting each customer the proper protection for their families. It was during this time he learned the cold realities faced by many of homeowners who are dropped by their carriers.

Today, cancellations of homeowners insurance policies is an epidemic as carriers manage their risk portfolios in an effort to remain solvent, meet their claims responsibilities, and abide by mandatory government regulations.

The result is a fast changing, complicated homeowners insurance market that leaves consumers dazed, stressed, confused, and often with coverage’s that don’t protect all their needs.

Born out of necessity and experience, Brier created to meet the unique Insurance needs of homeowners quickly, effectively and efficiently.

The I Got Dropped team of professionals are able to secure homeowners insurance policies through their large network of insurance carriers that are eager and able to provide proper, affordable coverage.”