brier August 22, 2011 No Comments

It seems like Hurricane Irene is making her way over to Florida! Alas, the first hurricane of the season. It is inevitable. At this time, it is being said that Hurricane Irene should arrive in Florida by Friday morning. The hurricane is a Category One hurricane at the moment, with winds between 74 and 95 mph. Thankfully, there are no warnings at the moment and hopefully this hurricane will not hit hard. However, it is in your best interest as a business owner to make sure your property is covered in the event of brutal winds. This means it is time to look into Florida commercial insurance.

With such strong winds, your company and its property are going to be subjected to damages. This may mean damages to the roof, shutters, even company signs. However, with Florida commercial insurance you have the options to look into property insurance. With this policy, your building, outdoor signage, landscaping, fencing, inventory and any other additional structures will be protected. We know that owning your own business is not cheap! So why would you take the risk to lose money on damages?

Okay- so we know that there is not a hurricane everyday but having a business in Florida does mean that your company is bound to be the subject of a few brutal winds. At Brier Grieves Insurance, we want to make sure you do not get sucked into paying any additional damage costs. We want you to avoid the unexpected at all costs! Stay safe this hurricane season and be sure to look into Florida commercial insurance before you get caught in the eye of the storm.