brier April 18, 2013 No Comments

In light of recent events where many homes were destroyed because of massive destruction near by them we feel a strong obligation to educate people as to why knowing how to protect your valuables is so important and how you can easily protect them.  While the value of a home and the things in it do not even come close to matching the value of a life.  We still need to be aware of the fact that we could lose everything in the blink of an eye and if we are not properly protected we could end up on the street with nothing and years of memories and keepsakes lost.

A home is most likely the largest financial investment you will make in your life.  Besides the cost of the home, everything you have in it will amass a great financial and emotional value.  Furniture and electronics can be replaced while certain things like photos and other keepsakes cannot.  So not only is it important to know your options when choosing a homeowners insurance policy, but it is also necessary to know ways to protect certain sentimental items and valuables that are irreplaceable from devastating events that could happen in life.

Let’s start with protecting things in the home against incidents like fire, burglary or other catastrophic events.  To put it simply, a fire safe is a necessary addition to each home.  You can get a very small inexpensive one to put smaller items in or you can have a large built in one, the choices are endless and very customizable to your individual needs.   Small portable safes are great for storing things like birth certificates, passports and other important documents.  If you have any precious photos or jewelry it is also a great way to protect things from not only fire, but also intruders.  If you have the free standing safe though there is always the risk that a thief could take it and try to open it later, where having a safe installed will make that impossible.  If you decide to have a portable safe you can bolt it down to further ensure protection of your belongings.

For photos, documents and important paper type items a great idea is to back them up on CD’s or portable USB drives so they will all be saved.  This could easily be stored in a smaller safe too if you do not have the room or desire for a bigger one.  If you have a large amount of photos it would be difficult to store them all so by scanning and creating yourself a digital backup even if you lose the original prints your memoires will be preserved and remain unharmed.  To take that one step further you can have them on an online backup so if everything is completely destroyed they are accessible anywhere in the world simply by going on a computer.  Some great sites for that are iCloud, Carbonite or even social media networks like Facebook and Google+.