brier September 19, 2011 No Comments

Do you have high cholesterol? So do many other Americans, especially women. In fact, heart disease is a leading cause of death in women. More and more people are being told to change their lifestyle and diet in order to stay away from an early death. And this is not necessarily a bad thing! It’s so important to lead a healthy lifestyle- just as important as it is to have great Florida insurance. Health insurance should be a priority- because frankly, you never know what could happen. The best we can do is to protect and take care of ourselves. Here are a few ways to ward off heart disease…

#1: Eat right. Make sure you portion out your meals and limit your sugar intake. Whole grains, nuts, fruit, legumes and vegetables are all healthy heart foods!

#2: Exercise regularly. And not just to work your body- but your heart! You may see exercise as a way to lose weight and gain muscle but it is just as important for your heart. It keeps the blood pumping.

#3: Reduce stress. Stress will lead to unhealthy habits which will affect your heart. Stay away from cigarettes and find ways to manage your stress levels.

At Brier-Grieves Insurance, we believe that a healthy lifestyle will keep us around a lot longer. However, without the proper great Florida insurance, we may not be able to cover everything that gets thrown our way. There are so many diseases out there that you never know what you may have to deal with. With Florida health insurance, you will be covered for your doctor visits, prescriptions, medical testing, specialized care and even surgical procedures. Without great Florida insurance, you may not be able to afford the proper care- and no one should be denied when it comes to their health.