brier June 12, 2012 No Comments

Thinking about work constantly and having no break or down time, has been known to cause stress-related health problems. The constant barrage of emails in the business world has led to a new phenomenon known as email addiction, where workers who strive to keep emails caught up are said to experience more stress and less productivity. Finding ways to reduce emails at your business may therefore be beneficial to your employees’ physical and mental health and stability. By the same token, purchasing the right Florida business insurance may help keep your company financially healthy and stable.

The old-fashioned paper mail generally only arrives once a day, but emails can hit your inbox by the dozen or more every hour. Constant access to emails tends to make the sender expect an answer within a few hours or less and people typically become impatient when a response does not come quickly.

There are steps that you could take to try to reduce the time you and your employees spend on emails, including turning off instant notifications for email and social networking sites. Streamlining procedures and making it clear that email doesn’t have to be caught up every minute of the day, may help your staff be more productive.

Dealing with some of the modern issues that occur in the workplace can make dealing with more old fashioned matters like Florida business insurance seem easy! If only email could be dealt with annually…