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Do you ever wonder if your investment has the right kind of protection? Is your company as organized as it could be? There are many responsibilities that fall on the business owner’s shoulders, but they shouldn’t have to solve all the problems alone.

According to The Tampa Tribune, when you need fast, easy shipping in the local area, you can turn to Joey Sandlin and Barbara Heckel. On October 14th, the two friends opened a franchise of The Mail Box Store, a copy, print, and shipping chain with stores in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and California.

The official grand opening is scheduled for the week of November 1st. Heckel said she and Sandlin were glad to provide southern Hillsborough County with an alternative way of connecting with family and friends, and to do business.

“We noticed there aren’t any FedEx stores in the area,” Sandlin said. “We thought Ruskin and Sun City Center could use one and we just wanted to be part of this community.” Their store is open longer hours during the week than the post office, giving customers flexible access to the mailing and office services.

The owners plan to join the Sun City Center and Ruskin chambers of commerce. In addition, they have begun offering discounts to area institutions for school supplies, the first steps in becoming involved with the communities around them.

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