brier April 30, 2012 No Comments

‘Baby boomers’ are an integral part of almost everyone’s lives, and now this remarkable group of people has begun reaching retirement age at a rate of eight thousand a day. This figure has had far reaching effects, as cities and public buildings change to accommodate the uniqueness of an ageing population that generally remains active, and is expected to have a lifespan far longer than previous generations. Why not consider making your home baby boomer friendly for your visiting family and friends? Your safety efforts may have the added advantage of helping to reduce the risk of a liability claim being made against your Tampa insurance policy. 

•Floors and floor coverings: try to keep your floors as slip and trip resistant as possible. Non-skid under matting is inexpensive and easy to cut to the size of your existing mats, just place it under your area mats and rugs to reduce bunching and curled corners. Avoid deep pile carpets and mats, as rubber tipped walking sticks may easily catch on the long strands. 
•Lighting: take a walk through your home checking the lighting is adequate during the day as well as at night. Dark hallways may need light sensitive night lights that plug into power outlets, or if your budget allows, you might consider installing a skylight. 

While you might need to improve the safety of older people visiting your home, having a safe home is a smart idea for all homeowners regardless of age. In the event a lawsuit for an injury sustained on your property is filed against you, the liability coverage in your Tampa insurance may need to be called upon to help pay for the court costs involved.