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What is IT Insurance?

IT Insurance is insurance for technology based businesses and IT consultants who are self-employed or work from home. There are a lot of risks that IT professionals face and having insurance helps protect them in the event of a problem.

Who Is IT Insurance For?

Generally IT Insurance is for IT consultants and project managers, website and software developers, system designers, application service providers, computer consultants, integration specialists, computer programmers, online security specialists and database administrators or designers.

Do you need it?

This depends on what kind of IT work you do and if you work for a company or for yourself. If you work out of an office for someone else most likely your employer is insured and in the event of an issue they will be the ones to handle it, not you. If you work on contract for a company out of your home that is not yours you would have find out if they have  have insurance for contract employees or if you need to seek out your own. If you run your own IT business you should look into this coverage if you do not already have it. With so many relying on technology and the plethora of information put out there you want to make sure you are as protected as possible in the event of a security or data breech.  This can be an add on to your existing business policy.