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It’s true, accidents can occur at any moment. Are you worried that one day your family or livelihood could be destroyed due to one mishap? At Brier Grieves Insurance, we won’t let this happen to you. For one local woman, the same holds true, and she won’t stop to protect the community as well.

According to Bay New 9, Linda Unfried’s life was changed forever due to a tragic accident. Her older sister died at the hands of a drunk driver in 1983. Devastated by her sister’s death, Linda decided to devote her life to keeping others from having to suffer by making the roads safer for thousands of Bay area drivers.

Just five months after her sibling’s death, Linda co-founded the first Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Hillsborough County. She remains active in the organization, and says, “I chose to channel my grief in a way that would help others. All I wanted to do was help other families”.

It is clear that Linda’s hard work has saved dozens of lives. Her powerful message inspires others to think twice before driving drunk and to make smart decisions. As an insurance agency, we believe safety comes first. This is why we are dedicated to our community and will provide great Florida insurance to all!

We firmly believe in treating our clients with respect and unparalleled customer service. While you are selecting a Tampa insurance policy, we want you to feel comfortable in our ability to match you with the best plan possible that will protect you from harm. From personal to commercial insurance, we can customize any policy to fit your needs, which is why we have such great Florida Insurance!