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Hosting a neighborhood block party can be a great deal of fun and provide an opportunity for neighbors who do not see each other often to reconnect. Should you be the one offering up your home, driveway or garage for the block party, you’ll want to consider the safety of guests to reduce the risk of guest injury and a liability related claim on your Tampa insurance.

Before scheduling a block party and notifying neighbors, it may also be wise to check with your local government to find out if you need a permit. Should you want to block off access to your street, you need to find out the regulations in your city regarding the temporary blocking of a street.

Some tips for hosting a successful block party include:

• Enforcing basic safety rules to prevent accidents, especially among children;

• Setting a time limit for the party so that it does not continue late into the night;

• Assigning specific duties to certain neighbors so that you do not have to do everything;

• Removing any items from your yard that could be tripping hazards;

• Having plenty of trash receptacles and recycling bins available;

• Arranging clean-up;

• Paying attention to food storage and hygiene;

In the event that a guest is injured on your property and requires medical attention (or sues you), you may be able to file a claim on the Tampa insurance policy that covers your home as home policies generally include a liability component. If you’re unsure about your coverage, speak to your agent.