Brier Grieves June 3, 2014 No Comments

The start of hurricane season is a good time to review your insurance policy and make sure your coverage is up to date and that you are fully covered. We are all so busy making sure we have proper supplies, evacuation routes and safety precautions taken that we can forget to make sure our insurance is current for our needs.

“You need to make sure you have enough insurance, especially on contents,” said Sam Miller, executive vice president of the Florida Insurance Council, a trade group. “You want to make sure the coverage is adequate to rebuild your home in case of a loss.”

To make this process easier it is best to contact your insurance agent and have them go over your policy with you. If you have made any home improvements or large purchases and have not updated your insurance policy, those things will not be covered. If you have made safety and/or security improvements you may be eligible for discounts you were not previously.

Increasing your deductible can cut the cost of your monthly payments. You can also bundle your homeowners and auto insurance policy to qualify for additional discounts. There are several little steps you can take to help lower your out of pocket expense and up the amount of coverage you have on your home and valuables.

Since the last time you reviewed your insurance policy have you removed any large or valuable items from your home that you may have had on your policy? It is easy to forget everything we add and pay more for insurance than we need to.

Contact one of our agents at Brier Grieves Insurance for help going over your current policy and coverage. We would also be glad to answer questions you may have about the current changes to flood insurance.

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