brier December 19, 2011 No Comments

Does your employer offer you health benefits? Some great Florida insurance opportunities include the possibility of having your health insurance covered through your employer. Ninety-four percent of large businesses and 38 percent of small businesses in the state of Florida offer health insurance packages for their employees. While sometimes less flexible than if you took out insurance privately, not having to search and the overall savings usually make having insurance through your employer the go to option.

However, around 4 million of Florida’s 17 million citizens currently do not have health insurance — one of the highest rates in the country. One option for those in this situation is to register for the CoverFlorida program, a state run, tax free program. The initiative, designed to bring more Floridians into health insurance, offers reduced rates on private health care for those who qualify.

Having the right health insurance in place is a great way to protect your savings from the cost of unexpected or emergency health costs. Looking for more information on health insurance or some great Florida insurance quotes? Get the ball rolling by contacting one of our agents to discuss your needs. They will be able to help you with any queries and point you in the right direction for coverage that suits you and your family best.