brier January 30, 2012 No Comments

Looking to get the best deal on great Florida insurance? When you’re a motorist looking to save money on insurance premiums, as well as help protect the environment, you may wish to consider using some of the green insurance options that many insurance companies now offer.

There are now a number of green insurance programs run by insurance providers which may result in reduced premiums. Some examples are:

Use of alternative fuel
Those drivers who use alternative fuel in their vehicles — such as ethanol, natural gas or electricity — may be eligible for discounted premiums from their insurance provider. Some insurance companies may offer a significant reduction if the policyholder drives a hybrid vehicle. Naturally, the cost of your insurance is also affected by the value of your vehicle, safety features, and your driving record.

Reduced mileage programs
By cutting down on your mileage you not only reduce the amount of carbon emissions from your vehicle but also reduce the risk of being involved in an accident. Check for programs where you may be eligible for discounted premiums based on the fact that your annual mileage is low.

Getting value on great Florida insurance as a motorist may involve taking advantage of the number of green insurance options available. Our agents can help find value for money, so contact us to arrange quotes or discover more about your options.