brier May 17, 2012 No Comments

In the event you’re buying into a reputable retail business you need to get on top of things extremely quickly, or risk losing the already established customer base. Once you’ve organized your Tampa insurance business coverage, you need to dive into the selling side of things with confidence. 

Anyone who’s been in the business of sales for any length of time has probably been taught the ‘features and benefit’ method of selling. This style of selling is a standard that has proved its continuing value over many decades. For example, the key feature of a nickel-free piece of jewelry is its low allergy properties; the benefit to the customer is that it is less likely to cause skin irritation when worn by an individual with sensitive skin. 

Although the features and benefits selling technique is widely accepted as an extremely useful selling tool, sometimes the benefits of the product can be overlooked in the enthusiasm of extolling its features. The point to always keep in mind is how the customer is going to benefit from the product because, typically, that’s what the customer is thinking. Always keep in mind that the benefit to the customer is the larger, more significant part of this particular selling technique. 

The business of selling can be an intimidating mixed bag of fun, fear, confidence and challenge, but selling is the backbone of retail success and should be considered a priority. In the excitement of selling and achieving goals, don’t forget to maintain the appropriate Tampa insurance coverage for your business.