brier December 15, 2011 No Comments

In recent years the number of claims by employees and ex-employees against firms throughout the country has risen. The lawsuits cover a wide range of areas including discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful dismissal and any firms whatever their size can be subject to such a claim. As regular Florida commercial insurance doesn’t usually offer protection in these areas, it has become apparent that further coverage is needed.

Enter a reasonably new form of liability insurance, known as Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI), which is sold as either a stand alone policy or as an adjunct to the business owner’s existing insurance package.

However to minimize such claims in the workplace in the first place it is essential that you take steps to ensure staff are well aware of what constitutes sexual and racial harassment and that staff who claim to be the victims of such behavior have an outlet within the organization for their complaints. Also carefully scrutinize your company’s employment hiring practices to ensure that your businesses hiring process is, at all times, fair.

For more detailed information about EPLI and other Florida commercial insurance policies, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our agents and arrange a consultation.