brier August 11, 2011 No Comments

There are several types of coverages needed for businesses and it is important to secure yourself a Florida commercial insurance policy that is appropriate for your unique business. To get what you need:

  • Analyze your business and do plenty of research about the various types of coverage you may need to protect against your specific risk exposures.
  • Shop around – get a number of quotes and compare policies. You want the best deal after all.
  • Consider a higher deductible if this is more viable – it may mean reduced premiums.
  • Think about a packaged policy known as a BOP (Business Owner’s Policy). However be mindful that BOPs do not include all types of insurance and you will need to take out separate coverage for those, for example commercial auto, workers compensation and health and disability insurances. Also note that many property insurance policies do not automatically cover flood and earthquake damage and you will need to buy specific cover for those.
  • Reduce your risk by having excellent safety procedures in place and a healthy work environment, and developing good systems for dealing with emergencies.
  • Consider turning to an knowledgeable agent, like those found at Brier Grieves Insurance, to help you find the best coverage and to keep you informed of insurance developments.

Finally, don’t under insure your business, but don’t over insure either. Getting a clear and realistic picture of your business and communicating this to your agent if you have one, helps you to determine the right level of coverage for your particular commercial needs, and get the best deal on Florida commercial insurance.