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For a parent, it can be a worrying time when your child is ready to apply for his or her driving license. There is one thing you can do that may help ensure they have the appropriate expertise to keep themselves and other road users safe; enroll them in a quality driving school. While safety is probably your main concern, this may also have the added benefit of lowering the risk of an accident related claim being made against their Tampa insurance coverage for vehicles

Where possible visit the driving school of your choice and confirm it’s the right one for your child. Instructors should be experienced and participate in regular refresher courses or ongoing driving and safety education. The cars should be reasonably up to date models in excellent working condition. The environment where your child will learn should be comfortable, clean and appropriate for the service. 

Ideally the course should have few pupils to ensure adequate one on one teaching. While learning basic driving skills is essential, ensure the course includes highway driving, night driving and strategic or defensive driving techniques. 

Making sure your son or daughter is a safe and responsible driver who respects other road users is one of the best things a parent can do for a child. Your child’s completion of a quality driving course may also qualify him or her for a discount on their Tampa insurance auto premiums.