brier September 13, 2012 No Comments

Any Tampa employer who has a workforce of more than three employees and is not exempt is required by Florida law to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. If your business falls into this category, one of the easiest ways to reduce the risk of an insurance claim, due to a worker’s injury, is to implement a quality workplace safety plan. 

Personal protective equipment (PPE): Take the time to walk around your workplace noting the tasks each of your employees’ are involved in. Are they protecting themselves with the appropriate PPE? Ensure all your employees’ have access to the appropriate personal protective equipment, and know how to use them. Common examples of PPE are steel toes boots, hard hats, high visibility clothing and eye and hand protection. 

Proper training: Are employees who operate machinery and equipment including trucks, excavators and forklifts qualified to do so? It’s your responsibility to ensure all employees understand proper machine operating techniques and are performing their work in a correct and safe manner.

Workplace safety guidelines and rules: In order to have a safe work place, policies and procedures must be established, implemented and followed up. A workplace safety manual is useless if employees don’t know the rules or aren’t prompted to follow them. 

Encourage your employees to share the responsibility of workplace safety, for example, if an employee notices a crucial light isn’t working they should immediately report the problem. Regardless of whether the light affects their own work or not, workplace safety should be taken seriously by everyone.