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Who might have Chinese Drywall?

            -Chinese drywall is most prevalent in homes built between 2002 and 2006 in Washington, California, Oregon, Louisiana, Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

How can I know if I have it?

            -Have you been smelling rotten eggs? Are your wires and pipes corroding? Look for tarnished metals. Also, if you display asthma-like symptoms or migraines, bloody noses, eye irritation, sore throat, nausea, insomnia, or irritability that wasn’t common before you moved into your residence. All of this can be caused by the high levels of Hydrogen Sulfide contained in the drywall.


Does my homeowner’s insurance cover it?

            – When Chinese drywall first started becoming an issue in 2009 most insurance policies wrote in exclusions denying claims.

What happens if I find out I have Chinese Drywall?

            -Most families have to move out of their home during litigations or while the builder repairs the defective drywall. The first Chinese drywall case was Armin and Lisa Seifart vs. Banner Supply Company in Florida. This case has basically become a blueprint for all others, citing that the builder is held responsible for negligence.

For a self-assessment guide visit the Florida Department of Health online.

Also, Fox 13 did a story on how Chinese drywall is affecting Tampa homeowners.