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Leading a healthy, safe life is a 24/7 job. As a parent, you have to worry about your children and their safety constantly. Don’t you want to have peace of mind knowing they are protected? There are many options for solutions to run a secure household, but recently, another safety mechanism has turned into a fad among kids.

According to The Orlando Sentinel, thanks to a new line of medical ID bracelets, kids can begin to feel more comfortable with their peers when discussing their medical conditions. Hope Paige Medical, a medical ID jewelry company in Pennsylvania, has a new line of bracelets for boys, girls, infants, and teens. These items are now seen as jewelry, and help to take some of the pain away of being labeled with a disease.

Kids, as well as adults, who have medical conditions such as diabetes, severe allergies, asthma, and epilepsy usually wear medical identification. The old style was a metal, plain bracelet, which lacked personality. However, Hope Paige expanded its existing line of bracelets, which come in rubber, rope, and sterling, to now offer a pavé crystal bracelet, a Pandora style, and one with heart charms.

Available for babies, children and teens, the bracelets range in price from $10 to $100. They are sold online at the company’s website, as well as in doctors’ offices, pharmacies, supermarkets, and drugstores.

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