brier September 26, 2011 No Comments

Have you ever heard someone in the office talking about you? It’s no secret that many employees often feel neglected by their bosses, leading them to label their boss as a jerk. If you are a business owner, you are responsible for showing your employees that it’s not impossible to have a good boss. How do you do that? All it takes is a little kindness, listening and Florida commercial insurance. Here are a few ways to be a better boss today!

#1: Get to know your employees. It’s important that you take the time to acknowledge your employees. No one wants to feel like a number!

#2: Listen. If your employee has an idea, listen! New ideas will generate better results.

#3: Allow them to have fun. Work should not make anyone unhappy. Allow them to have fun on the job and be creative- as long as it doesn’t interfere with their productivity!

#4: Offer great benefits. A benefits package could make or break an employee’s decision to stay or leave. Take care of your employees and hold on to them by looking into Florida commercial insurance. A group benefits policy will help you with this.

#5: Hold parties. Whether a birthday party or even an annual holiday party, it will allow your employees to get to know you outside of work!

#6: Provide a nice break room. Give your employees a good place to get away.

See- it’s not very hard! At Brier Grieves Insurance, we trust that your employees will think highly of you as long as you take care of them. With Florida commercial insurance, you will not only be providing for them but covering your company, too! You have the option to choose from policies such as: commercial vehicle, commercial property, group benefits, workers comp, general liability, excess liability and much more. Keep yourself safe and keep those workers happy- it’s a win/win situation!