brier July 26, 2012 No Comments

As a business owner in Florida you have likely devoted a significant amount of time and money into developing your business. With such an immense investment, it’s essential that you purchase the right business insurance to financially protect your business assets. However, when it comes to safeguarding business productivity, it’s up to your employees to help you out.

Tips on reviewing your business productivity strategies:

•    Training: The key to staying competitive may be maximizing the skills of your workforce. This means ongoing training, retraining and regular performance reviews.

•    Delegate with details: When assigning tasks to employees, ensure they understand the level of decision-making they can do before checking back with you.

•    Priorities: Make a point of assigning a priority level to each task, so your employees have a clear understanding of which tasks need their immediate attention and which ones can wait.

•    Procedures and policies: Make sure each employee has an official employee manual that is up-to-date. Each employee should be aware of the workplace rules and follow them with care.

Having well trained, efficient employees should help you achieve your business goals by maximizing profits while minimizing costs. Keeping expenses in check also involves purchasing a business insurance policy that is as comprehensive as possible, while still fitting your budget.