Brier Grieves April 15, 2015 No Comments

Everyone is using technology these days. We carry phones in our pocket that have more power than the first computer. What a lot of people do not realize though is that besides status updates, email and gaming, these devices can monitor home and reduce a tremendous amount of risks.

Smart home technology provides you with the ability to turn your lights on or off, monitor for fire or plumbing leaks, monitor doors and windows and more from your phone, computer or tablet. This is a great tool if you travel and really it is worth it to have in general.

The average damage caused by lightning strikes is over $25 billion a year in just North America alone. Roughly 7% of property and casualty claims are a result of this. Thanks to smart home technology you can have a whole house surge protector. Each protector is installed where electricity service enters the house. These greatly reduce the risk of damage to electronics and appliances that would most likely be ruined otherwise.

You can control the temperature while not at home. Smart thermostats can detect and control the temperature to keep your home at a preset temperature. You can also access this from your phone, computer or tablet to adjust it manually. This is great if you have pets and are not home and the weather drastically changes fast or if you want to adjust the temperature before getting home so you walk into the perfect climate.

Smart home technology can monitor leaks and other issues that may arise with the plumbing. They have the ability to shut off the system so you will not have flood damage. You can also monitor your doors and windows. You will get alerts if any door or window is opened while you are not home. This can work with your home security system as a way to further prevent burglary or theft.

All of these features are relatively easy to control once set-up and very effieicnet in protecting your home.