brier March 23, 2012 No Comments

With the weather hinting at the coming spring warmth, boat owners should think about getting their boats in top performance condition for the warmer months ahead. One of your first checks should be to ensure your Tampa insurance coverage for your boat is up to date, including the appropriate liability coverage. Here are some other things you should do.

•Battery. Ensure your boat’s battery is fully charged; if in doubt replace it with a new battery. You should always carry a backup battery in proper working order. 
•Electrical. Pumps, lights and gauges should all be carefully checked and fuses replaced if necessary. 
•Gas. Any leftover gas from the previous season should be removed and replaced with fresh gas. 
•Fire extinguishers. All fire extinguishers should be taken to your local fire station for checking and refilling or replacing if necessary. 
•Life jackets. Take plenty of time to thoroughly examine each life jacket on your boat. 

When it comes to activities on the water it’s a smart idea to be extra diligent with your safety checks. Having a copy of your Tampa insurance coverage for your watercraft stored in a waterproof sleeve onboard your boat is also a good idea.