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Aerial and digital imaging. These are simply aerial photographs of houses, business, terrain, and roads, applied to the property-casualty business. Eagle Eye Technology has developed imaging technology that simplifies, as an example, estimating damaged roofs without an adjuster having to lug a ladder and climb onto a roof to ascertain cost of replacement or repair.

This same technology is useful in underwriting to determine the precise location and dimensions of all of the buildings on a farm. Obtaining an image of the farm and cropland gives an underwriter the information that they require in assessing the risk, and can prove invaluable at claim time. Imaging also can be used to prove that there is in fact a building or a business at a location near a flood zone. Another benefit of this technology is that it can provide geocodes for all of the properties in an insurer’s portfolio, a useful tool in assessing property exposures in a geographic area.

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