brier November 14, 2011 No Comments

Sometimes employees become nervous about approaching their bosses about certain topics, such as taking time off. As a business owner, you need to show your employees that you are fair and respect their life outside of work. This can be done by providing them with protection they can trust as well as knowing how to communicate with them. However, this may still not prevent some for feeling guilty about taking vacation off.

According to The Tampa Tribune, a JetBlue Airways survey found more than half of working Americans are leaving an average of 11 vacation days on the table this year. In addition, nearly 40% are hesitant to ask their bosses for vacation time, which may be due to the fear of losing a job based on taking one too many days off.

JetBlue is using the findings in a marketing effort that uses a Facebook application in which patrons create an interactive page to let bosses know their request to take a vacation. “We were surprised to learn that almost a third of American workers feel guilty, nervous, or stressed when asking for a day off of work,” said Grant McCarthy, director of JetBlue Getaways.

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