brier April 21, 2014 No Comments

Earth Day is a great day! We all take some time to appreciate the Earth and all of her bounties. Many people get together and plant trees, pick up garbage, work on community gardens and various other activities to celebrate and acknowledge all the Earth does for us. There is no reason things like this have to be restricted just to April 22nd though! We can do things to help the Earth every single day.

Here are a few things you can do to make everyday Earth Day:

  1. Recycle: Some areas make recycling mandatory but not everywhere. Either way it is good practice to recycle your goods. The average person generates more than four pounds of trash every day and about 1.5 tons of solid waste per year, according to
  2. Upcycle: It is amazing how many ways you can re-purpose things. It saves you money, is good for the environment and can be a really fun activity. For some cool upcycling ideas check out our upcycle board on Pinterest.
  3. Cut Back on Energy Use: We rely on electricity more than needed a lot of the time. It is easier to resort to turning up the a/c instead of opening windows or letting in natural light to keep the lights off a little longer. Small changes like that, even an hour a day will do wonders for our resources and your monthly bill.
  4. Plant a Garden: It is pretty easy these days to plant your own vegetable garden. It’s a great fun activity and a lot easier and healthier than running to the store for every meal.
  5. Reduce DrivingIf you can walk, walk! For local errands that are not to far sometimes a walk is fun and its great exercise. Carpooling to work or outings is a great way to cut down on gas emissions and help out mother nature.
  6. Green Bags: Bring your own bags when shopping. This cuts down on waste and some stores even give you discounts for using your own.
  7. Pick Up Garbage: If you see trash that missed the trash can, pick it up! It only takes a second and its good for the environment.
  8. Enjoy The Outdoors: Take time to appreciate all the splendors of the world by planning outdoor activities.


The Tampa Tribune put together a great list of free Earth Day activities and giveaways to check out!