brier November 10, 2011 No Comments

According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, the local area is becoming a bustling spot for many fitness centers. Dr. G’s Weight Loss & Wellness provides individualized medical attention, and plans to develop at least 16 new clinics in the Bay area. In addition, Lucille Roberts, a well-known name in women’s fitness clubs, expects to open six new clubs.

Together, the two companies could generate about $6.6 million in Bay area investments and improve not just individuals’ well being, but also the health of the real estate market. One reason these businesses are so popular with the local community is due to the wellness initiatives that employers are pushing.

These programs within the workplace are being created in an effort to keep workers healthy, in turn making them more productive. With less sick days being taken and potentially lowers premiums, this will save companies money and keep the mind, body, and work ethic positive and healthy.

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