brier May 16, 2013 No Comments

The impact of Hurricane Sandy on the east coast, mainly New
Jersey was, beyond devastating and sadly immense damage remains.  Some things lost cannot be replaced by money
as easily as others.  Homes can be
rebuilt and material items can be replaced but memories and family treasures
cannot.  The immense damage to the coast
will take years to rebuild and some parts will never be the same.  The Jersey Shore is iconic and a local treasure
that many people have enjoyed over the years and hopefully will again.

There were roughly 1.5 million claims, more than half of
which came from New Jersey and New York. 
As of April 2013 about 93% of the claims have been settled according to
the Insurance Information Institute. 
Insurance companies are estimated to pay roughly $19 billion to
policyholders which makes this the third more costly storm to insurance
companies.  That is a pretty big chunk of

As people rebuild and areas heal it is still impossible to
forget the wreckage created by Sandy. 
The image of the Jet Star roller coaster sitting in the Atlantic will
remain in the minds of some forever. 
Hundreds of thousands of people have memories from taking their children
there or from their own childhood.  It
will be many years before the Jersey Shore is restored to its former glory.

Besides the sadness caused by the actual destruction for
some it was much worse.  Not all of the
victims had proper insurance coverage. 
Many who lost everything were unfortunately not able to get much help
due to lack of coverage.  This is one of
the many reasons we stress knowing what you have covered and making sure it’s
enough so in the event disaster strikes your livelihood is not a stake.  Even if you are in an area you think is
completely safe from certain things happening, always be prepared because you
never truly know.