brier May 24, 2013 1 Comment

Hurricane season is right around the corner.  In Florida it lasts from June 1st-November 30th and we can never be too prepared. We took some time to put together a comprehensive list of things to check and do to make sure you are prepared and safe in the event one hits.

1. Hurricane Straps: metal straps that hold the roof frame to the walls of your home. You can find these where the walls meet the trusses. Be sure to make sure none are missing or rusted.

2. Reinforce your wood gable ends to better protect against strong winds.

3. Make sure your windows and shutters are in working condition, that they fit and you have all of their hardware.

4. Make sure all doors are in good working order. You may also want to install extra locks and deadbolts to add further durability.

5. If you have a garage you can get hurricane panels or reinforce from the inside with metal braces and wood studs. Make sure the door is completely closed and secure.

6. Make sure to cut down any trees that could fall into your home or others. Tidy up yard and remove anything that could be potentially dangerous or destructive.

7. Repair any structural damage to ensure that everything is in its strongest form to protect against rain and winds.

8. Check all of your tiles and shingles to make sure they are secure, if not repair them to prevent them from being torn off and causing more damage to your home and surrounding area.

9. Make sure you are attached all plywood and other preventative materials properly. You want to be using resin-coated nails at 4-6 inch intervals for maximum safety.

10. Clean up all outside furniture and store it in your home, garage or shed. Remove all debris and loose items that are not permanent fixtures. Ask neighbors to do the same. Anything that is not secure can be potentially dangerous to everyone in the area.

11. If you have any boats, jet skis, motorcycles etc. you want to be sure to secure them as best as possible, in the garage if you can. If not make sure your boat is securely tied to the dock.

12. Be sure to fill up your car(s) with gas, have extra if possible. It is very handy to have a car charger for your cell phones incase electricity goes out you will still be able to get in touch with people.

13. If you have a generator be sure to have as large a gas supply as possible and safe in the event you cannot get out to refill for a few days.

14. Stock up on food items that do not need refrigeration or cooking in the event you are trapped. Have a good supply of water, paper products, blankets, flashlights and first aid supplies. It is recommended to fill your tub with water.

15. If you have small children try to put aside some things to keep them entertained and busy so they will not be frightened, if possible.