brier October 3, 2011 No Comments

Is your teenager ready to hit the road? Between accidents due to drunk driving and collisions due to texting, parents worldwide are dreading the day their teen turns 16. As nervous as you may be, it’s time to accept it- your child has to start driving at some point! The best thing you can do for your child is to be supportive, set a good example and set them up with reliable car insurance. Your great Florida insurance provider can help you out with this!

When it comes to car insurance, your teen has a great benefit: They may be eligible for a good student discount. If your child has a GPA of 3.0 or higher, make sure your great Florida insurance agent is aware! Now that you have your discount in place, it is important to choose the right policies for your teen. You can choose from: bodily injury liability, collision, comprehensive, property damage liability, medical or personal injury protection and much more. As you know, inexperienced teen drivers are usually prone to more accidents than an experienced driver. Think about it- you may want a lot of protection in place, especially collision and property damage.

Now that you know about the policies, we would also like to help you out in the adjusting department. To make this easy on both of you, here are a few tips to pass along to your new driver:

-Always wear a seatbelt.

-Turn off your phone to avoid the temptation to text and drive.

-Set a playlist on your iPod so you are not fumbling to find a song.

-Drive the speed limit.

-Keep your car gassed up.

-Use your directionals!

-Never speed up if someone is riding you- just move over or pull over to let them pass.

These tips are a good start for your teen driver– and make sure you follow them too! You need to set a good example for them. As long as you keep them educated and protected with great Florida insurance, all will be well! Safe driving!