brier April 3, 2014 No Comments

Have you ever noticed how little control we really have over our health insurance options?  Unless of course we want to spend an astronomical amount to choose our own and pay entirely out of pocket.  A lot of things in the news recently have really been showing us how little choice we have. When working somewhere that offers health insurance we are given a few options through the company of their choosing and the plans they select for us to pick from.

This is nothing new, for years we have allowed our employers to basically control our health care options and cost.  And not only for us, but for our family members as well.  A lot of people have been finding this to be unbalanced because the employee is the one paying, every month, out of their paycheck for this insurance.  Granted the employer also does cover parts of it, but at the end of the day the cost is essentially paid nearly in full by the employees. Every co-pay, any extra fees and things that may come up are the employees responsibility.  If for some reason your employer changes companies you run the risk of not being able to stay with your current doctor and having to start all over again.

This has been raising a lot of questions about what rights the employee has and is entitled too.  Should there be more options?  Should the company pay more into the plans if they call all the shots?  With all of the changes going on this may not seem like to vital of an issue but it is something to wonder about.

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