Brier Grieves April 22, 2015 No Comments

Happy Earth Day! Earth Day really is every day but its great that we have a day set aside to focus on how wonderful the Earth is and all it does for us. In honor of Earth Day we have put together some links and ideas that are easy to do on a daily basis to help the Earth and ourselves too.

Can’t get out right now to do things outside? No problem, you can reduce your carbon footprint right now while reading this! How, it’s simple!

  • Go paperless: Not only does this save tons of paper and the expense of postage but it cuts down having to fish through piles of junk mail to find what you need. We all know how easy it is to let the paper pile up too. By switching all of the accounts you can to online you also save yourself time and aggravation. Its easy to monitor daily, make payments, transfers, or anything else you need.
  • Turn off lights and unplug chargers: Open up the blinds and let some sun in. There is no need for the lights to always be on. Also unplug any charges that are not in use, they still eat up electricity. Not only are you helping the environment you are cutting the cost of your electric bill.
  • Do your laundry at night: Energy costs are lower at night so instead of saving your laundry for the weekend, do it at night. This also will give you the ability to hang things during the day to dry which saves the energy and cost of the dryer.
  • Recycle everywhere: Most people are only in the habit of recycling when at home, especially since a lot of work places may not have a recycling system in place. That doesn’t mean you can’t recycle though. Grab a bag and put anything recycling in it and dispose of it properly at home.
  • Change your light bulbs: Compact florescent light bulbs use much less energy than regular light and last longer. They provide the same amount of light and over time will save you money on electricity and buying replacement bulbs as often.

Heading outside? Here are some other great things you can do!

  • Plant something: A lot of areas have events going on where you can go out and plant community trees or a community garden if  you do not want to or cannot do so in your own yard. If you have kids you can even do some potted plants inside together, its a very fun activity.
  • Use a reusable water bottle:  There is a large variety of portable water filtration bottles on the market that you can take with you and fill up anywhere for fresh and clean water. Not only is this better for the planet its a lot better for your wallet.
  • Follow the speed limit: Following the speed limit increases your mile per gallon. You can also help out by carpooling and trying to get all of your errands done in one trip or while already out to cut down on the amount of driving you do. This helps the environment, saves you money and a lot of time.
  • Take indoor activities outside: Have a picnic! Instead of watching TV or playing indoors, get outside and enjoy the weather and have fun with friends and family while not using electricity for a bit.