brier April 4, 2012 No Comments

Home security and burglary prevention is often a priority for homeowners. Even with a Tampa insurance policy providing financial protection for your home and possessions, it makes sense to try and prevent a crime rather than rely on an insurance payout to replace potentially stolen items. 

To deter potential burglars approaching your property from the front it may be an excellent idea to make them feel as exposed as possible to your neighbors and other people passing your home, while still giving you and your family a sense of privacy. This might be achieved, for example, by planting a low dense hedge around the front of your property or keeping your front fence low. Crunchy, noise producing, gravel driveways can also be a burglar deterrent, along with strategically placed automatic lights. 

The back of your home can be a popular attraction for intruders, as they are less likely to be seen. A fence topped with a trellis of prickly foliage may make a potential burglar reluctant to attempt to climb over it. Should the back of your house be easily accessed from the front, install a high, robust gate with a quality lock across the entry point. 

Don’t be tempted to top fences and gates with broken glass or barbed wire as an added security measure. Should an intruder sustain an injury while on your property, he or she might have the cheek to file a lawsuit against you for injuries. While your Tampa insurance may provide liability coverage, lawsuits can be extremely expensive and are best avoided if possible.