brier May 11, 2013 1 Comment

With summer just around the corner the
thoughts of vacations, swimming and boating are on just about
everyone’s mind, especially here in Tampa. For some people there
is nothing better than sitting on a boat in the middle of the water
on a beautiful summer day. When the time finally comes to kick back
and relax we must remember all of the necessary safety precautions to
keep all on board as protected as possible, it’s very tempting to
overlook some of these for the sake of fun and simplicity.

Life jackets are one of the most
important things to have on a boat and something commonly not used.
People find them bulky and don’t want to be bothered wearing them.
Thanks to modern technology and fashion life jackets of today are
nothing like the big orange vest we all picture when we hear their
name. Newer life jackets are available in many shapes, sizes and
colors and can be extremely thin and flexible. Some are inflatable
ones that are as small as a fanny pack or a scarf until they hit the
water and automatically fill with air.

Even the best of swimmers should keep
this in mind. At any given moment something can happen and no matter
how skilled you are the water is always more powerful. These
precautions should be taken will all types of “water sports” and
boats. Jet skis, waverunners, kayaks, canoes and so forth. The
faster and more personal types should be used with every possible
safety measure there is.

Remember, life
jackets are no longer bulky and uncomfortable; with how far
technology has come you won’t even know you are wearing one.