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There was a recent article by The Telegraph
which discussed why a healthy marriage is good for the heart. The
article explained that women who were in a healthy marriage had better
recoveries after having a heart bypass operation. The study found that
men were not as affected by this, but 83% of married women went on to
live another 15+ years after the surgery compared to only 28% of
unhappy/unmarried women. The results are pretty interesting! It has us
thinking…if you are unmarried, maybe it is time to look into a free health insurance quote! Tampa residents and beyond, no matter what kind of relationship you are in, it is always important to make sure you are covered.

Even the happiest of people have health issues. While being in a
happy and healthy relationship will definitely add to your years, it’s
better to play it safe than sorry! Having Florida health insurance
will cover you when the worst case scenario comes to life. A typical
policy will cover doctor visits, prescriptions, specialized care,
surgical procedures and medical testing. However, we offer so much more.
Based on your financial situation and the health of you and your
family, we will tailor your policy to fit perfectly.

At Brier Grieves Insurance, we hope that you are happy in your life.
Watching out for your health is a number one priority in your life, as
well as being close with your family. Take this time to grab a free health insurance quote. Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and beyond- don’t let a bump in your health stop you from living and loving!